The Way of the Path is about following Jesus through life.  Over the past several years I have had the honor to serve on a number of mission trips, camps, and in my church. All along the way Jesus continues to direct my path and ministry:

  • Youth to College Age (12-26) – Helping the next generation of children find Jesus and develop a real and lasting relationship with him.  Work with Orphans, Foster, and disabled/disadvantaged, and economically disadvantaged children.  Helping their families and support systems.
  • Spanish Speaking / Immigrant Communities – Reaching spanish speaking people & immigrants with the good news of Jesus and strengthening their communities.
  • Building / Real Estate – Building homes or helping families with low income housing, thus reducing poverty and improving health and creating a stable environment for families
  • Church Work – Contributing to the strengthening and maintaining the local churches and communities that serve these children.
  • Evangelizing – Evangelizing others to pursue Jesus by sharing the life changing work that he is doing in the lives of others.

All of the funds raised through this blog and the Wood Shop support my ministry and the following people/organizations.  You can support these too by making a donation on my page, making a purchase from my store, or by clicking a donation link below.  Your support is much appreciated and all of it will go to help someone come to know Jesus.

Joey Potter Missions

I’ve known Joey since the early 1980’s.  He was my youth minister back then.  Over the years I’ve watch as he has allowed God to use his life to make a difference others.  Joey’s impact and missions have spanned multiple decades and continents.  He continues his work with Joey Potter Missions with a  number of activities in places like Kenya, Mexico, Bahamas, and Dominican Republic as well as locally as the need arises.  He also works closely with local churches, the sports programs and other organizations from the Southeast US.

Tecate, Mexico

For the last few years, I’ve joined Joey on a mission to Tecate, Mexico.  This was life changing experience for me and continues to fuel a lot of my spiritual growth as I’ve continued to serve.  Almost everyone who goes on this mission says they find God there.  You can read about my experiences in Tecate here.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

God has led Joey into some of the most unlikely places, but he always shows up with him.  After the Gatlinburg fires ravaged the city, Joey began working with some of the most underserved members of the community.  Many are immigrants who have come to the US seeking a new life and are trying to work out of the cycle of poverty and provide a new life for their children.

The Pointe Church

The Pointe Church in Belmont, NC is my home church. We have a number of programs dedicated to supporting the local community as well as missions around the world. These missions include supporting vulnerable children, helping families that are in need, and supporting the spiritual growth of our community.  Here are a few of the ministries where I serve:

The Point Church – First Impressions / Connections
Collision Youth Group
El Zapatillo, Guatemala Mission

You can read about my mission trip to Guatemala here and how God used it to impact my life and the lives of those our group went to serve.

Least of These Carolinas

Bridge Camp

Each year I look forward to working as a camp counselor at the Bridge Camp. This has been one of the most impactful and meaningful experiences I’ve had in working with children.  These young people are given an opportunity to attend camp with other foster children who find themselves in similar situations.

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