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Was Tim Tebow used by God to perform a miracle? Tim Tebow an amazing individual. Tends to a man who had a seizure — Christian Byrnes (@ByrnesC10) October 11, 2016 Over the past year or so, I’ve had a special fascination with miracles. The question on my mind was”Are there miracles happening today?” I was […]

I heard once that prior to the Greeks, the ancient Hebrew meaning of the word implied action, that is, to believe is to act upon that belief with conviction.  Perhaps it was the Greeks who were into arguing about ideas that watered down the word to mean an intellectual conviction.  Today, we “believe”, but we […]

This morning, I stumbled upon this particular article about social networking.  It basically says that most of our friends on Facebook don’t care about us, or aren’t true friends.  My belief is that there’s a lot or some truth in that statement (prove me wrong FB friends by commenting!), but I think most people would be […]