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It was time for our Vacation Bible School and all the children gathered in their chairs.  The small chairs in front, then the medium sized chairs and then the large chairs in the back of the room. Each child chose a chair that fit them.  It was one of the most organized groups of children […]

When we arrived in El Zapatillo we were directed to our sleeping quarters.  The men were on the ground floor of the new preschool, the ladies in a small building.  The ladies were fortunate to have a couple bunks.  The guys brought blow-up mattresses and sleeping pads for the concrete floor.  The buildings in El Zapatillo have […]

There is something awe inspiring about this specific tree.  With a massive trunk reaching to the heavens it stands tall above all the others.  It tells all the other trees, “Here I am!  I am what you should aspire to become.  Grow and stand tall on your roots.”  If I were a member of the Swiss Family […]

The bus was packed tight as was our luggage.  The ride to the group home was slow, stop and go.  The air was thick with exhaust fumes from the traffic and my lungs choked against the weight of the smog. The city was full of people.  There were beautiful sections of the city that were […]