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Computer Integrated Thought

Every since I began to learn about computer networking I've been fascinated by the concept of connecting people together like we connect computers. Today's advancements in technology are bringing the reality of a world where we interconnect our minds with and using computers. What are the moral and spiritual implications of joining our minds to a computer integrated reality?

Apple Things and Apple Thoughts

Here I sit in the middle of an Apple orchard with a million apples and what seems like as many people. Who would have ever guessed that there were so many varieties. Just like people each one comes with it's own character. Some are hard. Others are soft.  Some were hard but have softened with ...

People are worth your time!

Relationships are important. If we don't take the time, we don't see the beauty.


What would the direction of our lives be if we focused only on what others wanted and we kept changing direction day after day to follow the current information trend? What kind of legacy will this leave the next generation and where does that leave us?