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a journey begins

Yesterday I posted about a friend's God moment.  What I didn't say in that post is that I had a God Moment of my own yesterday.  Let me just begin by saying I'm so thankful that I had the day off because I needed every minute of it to prepare for the next three weeks ...


El Zapatillo, Guatemala

In just a couple weeks I'll be leaving on a mission to Guatemala along with other team members from The Pointe Church.  This 8-day trip will be hosted by CH Global and we'll be staying in Mayan village in El Zapatillo located in the Northeast part of the country.  CH Global plans & coordinates each ...

A New Year, a Cup of Coffee, a Box, and a Mission

Last year at this time my wife, Gail, and I decided to take a trip to Blowing Rock, NC and we spent New Years Eve and New Years Day there.  It was a special time for us to get away and plan for the coming year.  I had no idea what it would bring, but […]


Who wears your scars?