People are worth your time!

Relationships are important. If we don’t take the time, we don’t see the beauty.


From all the pictures i have taken in my life, this is definitely one of my favorite ones. Not because how it looks (or because i´m obsessed with dragonflies) but because how much meaning it has inside.


I would love to say i captured it on my first shot, but the truth is it took me a little bit longer than i thought. It involved several time, failed shots and slowly getting close, for she obviously got scared and flew away when she felt me coming closer to her. But the fact is during the process i had the chance to learn a lot about dragonflies and admire how gracefully they fly.

Now that i look back to that moment, i realize the situation also applies to my every day life. There is people that remind me about this dragonfly. People who are so difficult to catch. People that captures…

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